Kinda annoyed about how this journal looks out of the box, but maybe, should I have time, I’ll dig into the style system and the template language and see what I can hack together. 🙂

As for the service– awesome idea. Not just about the free journals, though, but more for the idea of a web site as APPLICATION SERVICE. As in, I’m typing this in a little window on my laptop, which updates my journal on a website. I also can do this from the web site, from Windows, andeven embed the content in my own web site.

Jon Udell has a lot to say about this sort of thing, especially in his book Practical Internet Groupware.

Yeah, yeah, it sounds dry and boring, but it’s actually cool shit. The cool thing is building a whole web of little web services like this one and then building the glue to make mega godzilla whizbang thingees out of them. Maybe I’ll babble more on that in this journal, should I manage to keep updating it.