Oh yeah, and just to throw in a bit of that ‘artist’ thing I blabbed about:

The Key and the Box

“I’ve locked this box and
can’t find my way out.
Oh where did I leave my key?”

With an oddly shaped thing,
which shone gold in the dim,
she pointed to there and here.

“My key is not there,
my key is not here,
oh who could have hidden it from me?”

And in frustration she scratched
her head and absently chewed
on the thing in her hand.

“It was so warm in here, and
so safe to hide, but now
I’m so scared and feel all alone.”

She clenched her fists, and
felt a bite in her palm,
of a thing small and hard and sharp.

“Oh curse this thing which
plagues me so, this bother
is the last thing I need.”

So she cried and frowned,
and flung out her hands,
and watched as her key slipped away.