Lazy Saturday. Was up late last night visiting Laura and Jessica, having gone with them to Ann Arbor to down a few pints at Conor O’Neill’s traditional Irish pub. Ate an outrageously delicious Shepherd’s Pie which was served in a portion bigger than my head. Undaunted, I ate nearly the whole thing. Along with 3 pints.

Now, I don’t want to go much into it, but Laura’s not a happy girl right now. Why? Well, it has something to do with these two people, Jeremy and Jade. See, they both have journals here at LiveJournal, and they both mention each other in a quite a few entries. So far, no problem.

Thing is, though, me friend Laura here was under the impression that Jeremy was her boy. I don’t know the whole story, having been a somewhat distant orbital myself, but as she tells it he’s never given her the official word to break things off, just been distant and standoffish. So then it seems the URL to his journal falls into her hands, and she reads over two weeks’ worth of stuff like this.

You know what? I’ve got no problem with cute boys & girls getting together. But, kids? People have hearts. If you’re going to break one of them, at least try to be fair about it. Because you know, it’s going to come back to you someday. You keep it up, and one day, you’ll find yourself without anyone who entrusts you with a heart. And you know what? That feels pretty bad when your own heart is in pieces.

Oh, and one last thing on this mess: A public journal is open to all. Don’t be surprised when the person you least want to read it does.