Ugh. Sick, apparently have caught the bronchitis thing going around. Normally impervious to the average disease, but have been quitting smoking and went on a smoke binge last night at Fifth Avenue for Sugar Hiccup night (DJ’ed by Darren Revell of the Big Sonic Heaven show here in Detroit).

What compounds it is that I have 4 things due tomorrow at work, and really only 2 done. Actually, make that 1 thing done, two things half done, and one not even started. The entire work day today was blown for an off-site meeting at GameWorks at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills. While there is no doubt that the meeting was needed and has started us toward solving many issues… the fact is, I just can’t get anything done tonight after the whole day there and feeling sick now.

Crap. And one of the themes of this meeting today, having taken place in one of the busiest, most stress-filled weeks was….

How can we stop missing deadlines?