Me: Please email me these bullet points

Jackass: Okay!… (You have an incoming ICQ file request)

Me: (Accepts the ICQ file) Alright, I have the bullet points in word format now, can you email them instead?

Jackass: Sure! (Hour passes.)

I cut & paste the said bullet points into an email and respond to each one via email as completely and clearly as I can, send the message. I go to lunch. I come back from lunch, and what to I find? My email, printed out, with responses scrawled on it in illegible pen on my chair.

Then, after he sees that I’m back, he brings me my email and says we need to meet on it. He reads me the email word for word. I nod and give him “Duh.” body language. Finally he says, “Okay, great” and walks off.

So okay, let’s see… A set of issues need a response. I ask for email, he gives me a Word file via ICQ. I ask for email again, I get nothing. I give him email, as complete and clear as I can, he returns a printed version of the email with non-readable comments. I say nothing, he asks for a meeting in which he returns my email to me completely in verbal form without change.

How can someone completely botch handling a process of communication, whilst using nearly every tool of communication they have at hand?

(And how can one manage to be enraged whilst listening to the Cocteau Twins? Now you see my dilemma.)