In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, here’s the recent itinerary:

  1. Picked up and voraciously read the first 3 books of David Brin’s Uplift Series
  2. I’ve been trying to raise a cheetah whilst working to appease the capricious whims of my villagers and resist the temptation of using my power for evil.
  3. Attempting, with mixed results, to stave off burn-out at my work.
  4. Trying very hard not to murder a few co-workers. This is difficult in the extreme with respect to one co-worker in particular toward whom I cannot seem to keep from baring my teeth and growling. I’m also starting to get permanent fingernail indentations in my palms.
  5. Sporadically packing in preparation for my move to Ann Arbor on April 27th
  6. Coping with interrupted sleep and growing irritation at my domestic situation, where I am treated to adult entertainment regularly through the living room ceiling and my bedroom wall.
  7. Reaching the end of my rope as I wait for April 27th to arrive.