Stayed up late last night watching the aforementioned Star Trek episode, while trying to fix just. a. few. last. bugs. on software I’d promised would be done today. I have a presentation on it tomorrow, so it’d better be done by then.

But, damn it, I really feel like I’m busting my ass, blowing away hours of my life, sacrificing my balance and real soul’s life, just to get something accomplished that may end up amounting to nothing. It’s a very cool system I’m working on, but it may never leave the walls of this company, and I just might. Not now, maybe not tomorrow, probably not next week, but at some point this place is going to burn me out and I’m going to need to leave.

I’ve been thinking a lot more about life and balance again lately, and what matters. And it ain’t this place, not really.

Ugh. Then again, I’m just really grumpy.