Inanna is looking at me earnestly. I reach to pick her up and she rears up on her hind feet to avoid my grasp, and saunters away. 30 seconds later, she’s back. This time I ignore her, and she deftly hops up into my lap and curls up in one motion, gazing intently into my eyes. She loves me, but it has got to be in her way.

Looking back at her, into her eyes, I think about people who say animals have no soul. In her eyes, there is intelligence. There’s something going on in that kitty head, and I have trouble thinking that this creature is so different than me.

Other people seem to think the same way.

I’m not a vegetarian yet, and I have no real excuse. I mean, I could remain a meat eater, even believing in animal souls– but if I were really honest with myself, I would have to hunt every animal I eat myself, and thank and apologize to each creature I take. And then, I could only do it if I really need to. This completely excludes mass produced supermarket meat and fast food.

But I’m not so completely honest with myself yet. One step at a time.