Okay, so I’ve been almost completely incommunicado over the last few days. I kept you all in terrible suspense about the move and everything. (Well, maybe not you, but someone’s in suspense out there. Well, okay, maybe they’re not in suspense about me moving. So, let’s say: a) I moved. and b) Someone’s in suspense. Okay? Fine.)

So anyway, the roommate and female friend helped me move out. Amazingly, they packed the truck almost completely without me. I was working on cleaning up the basement a bit, came back up and discovered that everything was almost done. In the end, there was really no confrontation. I got the couch and a TV, but I wussed out on the microwave and the DVD player. After packing the truck, we drove out to Ann Arbor and in record time dumped everything that I own into this apartment. I did not really expect to have this all done in one night. It was amazing, considering that due to ATM withdrawl restrictions, I almost couldn’t come up with first month’s rent in cash… and that we had to chase a Uhaul truck between Royal Oak, Roseville, and Pontiac.

The next day, Saturday, I was hoping/expecting to see some of the people who’d mentioned they’d come to help. Granted, I didn’t need as much help as I’d thought, since the truck was already unpacked. But, no one showed or called, at all. So, I spent most of the day moping, and unpacking, and rearranging furniture. I did not eat any mangoes naked.

Sunday, my Mom and Grandma came by and tore through the place like a force of nature. They threw books on shelves, cleaned, helped me rearrange the kitchen, and expressed amazement at how much I’d already done. (I mean, for goodness sake, a batchelor already had a roll of paper towel, dishsoap, and a bath mat down in the tub?!) No one else showed up or called.

So here it is Monday, my last day off to finish my move-in. I have a few tasks yet on my list, but nothing major. Tomorrow, after work, I should be coming back to a nice, comfy apartment that’s mine-all-mine. When I walk in the door, there will only be cats on the couch. And at night, there will be relative silence– the adult entertainment will be gone, unless I rent it or select it from pay-per-view.

So I’ve probably got lots more to say, but I’d better get the day started. More later.