From the journal of Quasilaur:

…Just fucking try to be good to eachother. Put a little love in your heart. Forgive those who have wronged you a million times and then some. Welcome those who have scorned you once they come back…throw a feast…and do to others as you would have others do to you. Dance around the maypole….feel god in a sunrise and a sunset, and hug a tree who’s age surpasses your grandmother’s. We only get so long folks. And to me, redemption is not about saving yourself from a hell after’s saving you from the hell that can be life. Forgive yourselves, forgive eachother…ask for forgiveness…recieve it. Endeavor to do better, be better. Listen, and learn. Be humble.

I don’t fucking know. Maybe I’m just saying this all cos I want to believe this right now. I don’t know anything…I just don’t know. I’m over tired, cold, naked and cranky.

Have mercy on us all, for we are all complete fuckheads…